JAMKO’s council for 2024 elected

The student union of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences JAMKO has elected a new Representative Council for the term 2024. 3005 members were entitled to vote and a total of 458 JAMKO members voted in the election. The turnout was 15.24%, an increase of 0.03 percentage points compared to the last elections.

What made the 2023 elections special was the record number of candidates and the high number of international students standing for election. There were 52 candidates in total, 25 more than in the last election. There were seven electoral alliances, two of which had formed an electoral ring and five independent candidates.

Listed below are the number of seats (actual and vice) for the next term of office and the percentage of votes cast.

  • MisFits 7 + 10, 31%
  • JASTO, 6 + 2, 25%
  • Insinööriopiskelijat  5 + 4, 21%
  • JAMKOn kansanrintama (electoral ring) 2 + 2, 8%
  • Restonomiopiskelijat 1 + 2, 7%
  • Independent candidates 0 + 1, 7%

The International Students Alliance received 1% of the votes, but no seats in the Council. 

See the official results here

Silja Saarenmaa received the most personal votes

JASTO’s Silja Saarenmaa was the vote puller of the election with an absolute majority of 47 votes. MisFits gathered the most votes of the alliances, 142 votes.

The new Council will be convened on 27 November, when the composition of the Council may still change if members are elected to the JAMKO Board. The Council will start its term of office on 1.1.2024. In most of the student unions of Finnish universities of applied sciences, the official election date was common on 8.11. 


Further information:

Meri Korri, Chair of the Central Election Committee 2023, pj.keskusvaalilautakunta@jamko.fi 

Central Election Committee, keskusvaalilautakunta@jamko.fi


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