JAMKO’s board for 2019 chosen

Student Union JAMKO’s new board and the Chairpersons of The Representatives for the year 2020 was elected on Monday night Nov 18th at the organizing meeting of the Representatives. There was a record breaking amount of candidates as thirteen candidates applied for the nine positions. Two persons were up for the chairperson position.

Lassi Halkosaari (left) and Juho Niemelä will guide student union JAMKO’s operations in the year 2020.

The representatives voted Lassi Halkosaari, a second year information and communication technology student, as their chairperson. Halkosaari has acted as the vice chairperson of the representatives this year. First year service business student Juho Niemelä was voted as the vice chairperson. Niemelä is a JAMKO veteran and starts his fourth year in JAMKO.

The representatives voted agrology student Antti Paunonen as the chairperson of the Board. Paunonen studies his fourth year in JAMK UAS and has acted as the Education policy responsible during the spring and as the Chairperson during the autumn. The Chairperson is responsible for JAMKO’s trusteeship. Kiia Pöyhönen is taking charge of JAMKO’s services as the Vice Chair of the Board for the term 2020. Pöyhönen has been the event responsible during 2019.

Members of the board are

Stella Palassalo, music pedagogy
Pekka Mannermaa, information and communication technology
Elisa Vikman, energy and environment technology
Teemu Heikkilä, business administration
Antony Smal, business information technology
Janita Hietala, nursing, midwifery
Anna Zhuravleva, international business
Niki Niemelä, business information technology
Samu Turunen, tourism and service business

The areas of responsibility of the Board will decide in their first meeting on 27th of November.

The compilation of the Representatives changed due to the Board formation and Chairperson elections. As Antti Paunonen, Pekka Mannermaa, Anna Zhuravleva, Stella Palassalo, Niki Niemelä and Teemu Heikkilä was elected to the board, Katerina  Stoeva (IC), Arttu Kokko (Konkurssi), Impi Saarimaa (Konkurssi), Emma Ahonen (Legendat) ja Jani Tervo (IO) exceeded as an actual member of the Representatives.

The Representatives to JAMK UAS’ working groups and the student representative for JAMK University of Applied Sciences Ltd will be chosen on Nov 25th. The term starts in January 2020. 

Further information:

Executive director Hannu Järvistö, +358 44 3211 600, toiminnanjohtaja(a)jamko.fi

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