JAMKO sets sport dreams in to motion

JAMKO, city of Jyväskylä and many other organizations are collecting sport dreams of children and young people in Jyväskylä. Every citizen of Jyväskylä under the age of 30 can share their sport dreams between March 21th and April 30th. Organizations involved have promised to set at least one dream in to motion during the year 2017.

The dream can be one persons dream or a dream of a friend group or for example study group. The dreams are collected with Webropol form. Dreams can be shared here. You can also participate to the campaign by making the dreams coming true. Sign here as a dream maker.

The campaing in Jyväskylä is part of a national “Unelmat liikkelle” –campaign that encourages all Finnish people to try different sports and exercise more. The campaign is part of centenary celebration of Finland.

More information:
JAMKO’s board member in charge of well-being Joonas Uusi-Autti, hyvinvointi(a)jamko.fi

Campaign website of Jyväskylä  (only in Finnish)
Campaign’s national website (only in Finnish)


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