JAMKO recommends cancelling live events for the time being

Due to the worsening coronavirus situation in Central Finland, JAMKO has decided to not organize live events for the time being. We have come up with alternative methods to organize our future events. We will have remote events, raffles and challenges just like we had during the spring. We have also cancelled some events and we will continue to do so if they cannot be organized safely. You can find the latest information about our events in JAMKO’s event calendar.

Events are a way to create a sense of community among students but the student’s well-being and health always come first. For this reason we are constantly evaluating our own actions and thinking of ways to help students in this unusual situation. We welcome everyone’s ideas on how to better meet the needs of our students. Ideas can be posted on JAMKO’s feedback channel.  We also hope that students carry their part in keeping themselves and those who they interact with safe by not going to mass events and taking into account the general restrictions and recommendations.

JAMKO recommends that each student organization review its own operations and makes the necessary changes to them in accordance with current recommendations and restrictions. By continuing to set a good example for all students with our own activities let’s cancel live events if they cannot be organized safely. To make up with live events we encourage to organize diverse remote events and promote student well-being in other ways.

Current recommendations and restrictions:
City of Jyväskylä

More info:
Kiia Pöyhönen
JAMKO’s Vice Chairperson of the Board
+358 44 3211 550

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