JAMKO plans autumn’s events normally

Student Union JAMKO is planning next autumn’s events quite normally but is thinking about backup plans if the events can’t be carried out normally. We follow closely the restrictions given by the government and JAMK in all our actions including event planning.

Instead of canceling, we try to postpone or organize our events remotely if necessary. We have considered postponing events, for example, for events to which we want to guarantee access for everyone and don’t want to limit the number of attendees. For example, we don’t want to limit the possible number of participants to The Freshmen party because it is an important communal event for every new student.

We want to provide students with a way to experience belonging to the community and bring a counterbalance to their studies. We are therefore preparing to host some of our autumn’s events remotely. We organized a few remote events during the spring including quizzes and CS tournament for example so can have similar remote events this autumn as well if needed.

We want to offer possibilities for our versatile members and the entire student union to attend our events remotely. This is why we have been planning more versatile events for autumn so they would include remote events in addition to our traditional events.

The updated events and info 

More info:
Kiia Pöyhönen
Vice chairperson of the board
+358 44 3211 550

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