JAMKO nominates Antti Paunonen for SAMOK’s Board election

The Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences JAMKO is proud to present Board’s chairperson Antti Paunonen for University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland SAMOK’s Vice Chairperson for 2021. SAMOK’s general assembly will elect the new Board on 29.-30.10.2020.

Paunonen is an active operative with strong experience in student union and UAS field. He was the educational policy representative during 2019 and was elected as a chairperson of the board for the fall semester 2019 and to continue for the year 2020. Antti is finishing his degree in Agrology studies from JAMK UAS  and has been active in his study field association before JAMKO.

Decision makers don’t seem to remember the importance of Finnish higher education. They decrease the funding continuously, tighten opportunities for action and cut the students benefits without realizing how all this feels for the student. I want to contribute to the understanding at the state level of how decisions affect students, working life and Finnish society.” Says Antti Paunonen

Paunonen’s office includes working as a supervisor of the board and staff, developing the strategy of the student union as well as taking part in educational policies and advocacy. In addition Paunonen has contributed to a variety of working groups in JAMK UAS such as JAMK’s management team, quality management team and EduFutura.

Antti has shown a sense of responsibility and leadership in situations where the Student Union has needed quick and significant solutions. In the spring of 2019 we were left without a Chairperson of the Board in the middle of the season. Without Antti’s experience and ability to assimilate, the situation would have been very challenging. As Antti accepted the position, many pieces fell into place. Therefore, we are convinced that he is an excellent addition to SAMOK’s operations as well”, says Hannu Järvistö, the Executive Director of JAMKO. 

University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland SAMOK is a national student advocacy and service organization founded in 1996. It consists of 24 different student unions. SAMOK co-operates with other student and youth organizations, political parties, labor market organizations and ministries. 

More information: 

Candidate Antti Paunonen
044 0459173


Campaign manager Kiia Pöyhönen
040 7327024

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