JAMKO is looking for student representatives

The student union JAMKO is looking for two student representatives to JAMK’s working groups. You can apply to become a student representative in the following working groups:

Student representative to the sustainable development working group
Student representative to the international affairs working group

The application period is open until the 20th of January, 2021, when the representatives council will select the student representatives in its meeting. You can apply by sending an application via email to epj@jamko.fi or edustajisto@jamko.fi.The applicants are welcome to participate in the meeting and introduce themselves.

Instructions for remote participation are at the end of the following page: https://www.jamko.fi/en/student-union/representatives/ 

Making the student voice heard is an important part of JAMKO’s trusteeship. The students have a stable presence in the administrative organs and working groups of the JAMK University of Applied Sciences. Participating in a working group gives a student valuable experience and enhances the well-being, decision making capabilities and rights of the student body. An individual can be chosen as a member of a working group even if s/he does not act actively in a study field student association or the JAMKO council of representatives.

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