JAMKO commented the amending the education of midwives

The Ministry of Education has asked SAMOK’s comment on the report “New direction for midwife training” at the end of September. The student union JAMKO has given its statement about changing the current midwifery degree to Master’s degree. JAMKO is concerned about  the increasing number of nurses and the fact that there may not be enough work for everyone in the future. Student union JAMKO also concideres it likely that the amount of graduating midwives will decrease in the future if the Master’s degree requires a minimum of three years’ work experience on the field.

In its statement JAMKO also questioned the future of current midwifery career competences if this degree was in the future accomplished as Master’s degree studies. However JAMKO sees it important that midwifes, who have graduated from Finland have the needed competences that are based on the EU-directives. This will then enable the possibility to work in foreign countries. SAMOK believes that midwifery training has a clear need for change, for example from the perspective of the EU directives. SAMOK published its own statement on 30th of October.

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Ilona Palonen
Member of the Board, social policy

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