Improving cycling circumstances with overalls on, air and chain oil from JAMKO

Student union JAMKO has stated in its policy paper for years 2019-2019 several important issues that it strives to improve. Now when the summer hopefully starts, improving the circumstances for cycling in Jyväskylä is an important topic always. Many of the students, even foreign students use bike to get to the Campus. JAMKO has for instance used its connections in order for JAMK to get new bike parking racks at Dynamo campus this spring. Several things are in Jyväskylä already at good level but there are still improvements needed for instance for winterbiking.

JAMKO encourages students to use bikes and offers its members (with JAMKO Card) a possibility to borrow bike pump and chain lube for a regular bike maintenance. The Pump and chain lube can be borrowed from JAMKO Office at office ours.

In the coming weekend the Middle-Finland Cycling week is ( is starting. Cycling week includes dozens of different events around bikes like Cycling festival, possibilities to test different bikes as well as free breakfast for cyclists, small cycling trips, night cycling trip, as well as biking flea market or police selling bikes or a picture orienteering where you have to find local places described in pictures by bike (foot, or rollerblades).

Come with JAMKO to the big Cycling parade and use your overalls if you have one. The event is on saturday 4.5. at 12.45 at Jyväskylä walking street (Compass) and suits for everyone with a bike. In overalls we can show, that cycling is specially important means of transportation for students.

Borrow pump and jet air in the tires and oil for the bike chain at JAMKO Office.


Hannu Järvistö, Executive Director of JAMKO

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