Make an impact to the students’ gym situation

The city of Jyväskylä decided that the Monitoimitalo’s gym advantage, available with Academic Sports’ sticker, will not be valid anymore starting from the year 2016. The gym fee used to be 2€ per visit with the sticker, but in the future the fee will be 4€ per visit.  Student unions JAMKO and JYY have made a questionnaire to the gym users to collect data about the using percentages and habits and what do the users think of the changed prices. JAMKO and JYY strives to make an impact to this situation and find a student friendly resolution, but the users feedback is more important than ever!

Academic sports has made a motion to the city’s policy makers to find a compromise with the prices. The results of the survey will be used as leverage to convince the policy makers that the current pricing is much too high and will affect the amounts of users.

By answering the questionnaire you can make a difference.


More info: liikunta(a)

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