Board’s responsibilities and the student representatives of working groups

JAMKO’s new Board of 2016 has dealt the areas of responsibilities. The new Chairperson of the Board is Eemeli Rajala, second year international business student and the Vice is Chair Tiia Kolu, third year business administration student. Kolu has also been the Board member responsible for culture and entertainment in this year.

Seven members of the JAMKO Board were elected and the areas of responsibility of the board has been decided as it follows:

Roni Sorsa, social policy
Tommi Kukkonen, educational policy

Linda Holma, international and degree tutoring
Jarna Väisänen, peer tutoring

Freetime activities
Sami Jussinmäki, international Club
Tuomas Kallinki, sports
Katja Väärälä, culture and entertainment

In the upcoming term the Chairperson of the Representatives is Katri Hurskainen and The Vice Chairper-son is Niko Korhonen. The new Board and the Representatives start their term in the beginning of January. The Board members and the Chairpersons of the Representatives council can be reached via e-mail: The contact information will be updated to JAMKO’s website at the turn of the year.

In addition JAMKO’s Representative council and Board have put forward a motion for the student representatives in JAMK’s working groups as it follows:

representatives in JAMK’s working groups

Restaurant Committee of Rajakatu: Anna Metso, annametso2(a)
Restaurant Committee of Dynamo: Marjut Isokangas, H3499(a)
Development group of Higher Education: Eemeli Rajala, eemeli.rajala(a)

Board of Examiners 2016-2017: Heikki Lamula heikki.lamula(a), vicemember Juha Salmi juha.salmi(a)

Student financial aid committee 2016 – 2017
Timo Pölkki H3222(a), vice member Ilari Lampinen, ilari.lampinen(a)
Anna Metso, annametso2(a), vice member Viivi Koskipää, H9033(a)
Eeva Geier, H8941(a), vice member Veera Heinonen H3751(a)

Student representative of JAMK Ltd. Board of Directors: Juha Salmi, juha.salmi(a)

The periodic assesments of Degree Programmes
Physiotherapy, physiotherapist: Juha Penttinen, H9268(a)
Construction and Civil Engineering, engineer: Ilari Lampinen, ilari.lampinen(a)

KOAS Delegation 2016-2017
Saara Susiluoto, H3912(a), vice member Timo Pölkki, H3222(a)
Petra Pohjalainen, petra.pohjalainen(a), vice member Marjut Isokangas, H3499(a)

KOAS Delegation 2015-16
Miika Siikki, H4164(a), vice member Terttu Salonen, H3635(a)
Henry Wilén, henry(a), vice member Joonas Pylvinen, jpylvi87(a)
Viivi Koskipää, H9033(a), vice member Kannisto Lotta, H3200(a)

JAMKO’s Strategy group 2016: Ilari Lampinen, ilari.lampinen(a), Juha Salmi, juha.salmi(a), Tommi Kukkonen, Eemeli Rajala, Tiia Kolu (
JAMK’s Greenoffice working group: Tommi Kukkonen, tommi.kukkonen(a)
Operative working group of quality management: Tommi Kukkonen, tommi.kukkonen(a)
Team of international Affars: Linda Holma, linda.holma(a)
Planning group of Main Campus Lounge: Tiia Kolu, tiia.kolu(a), Tuomas Kallinki, tuomas.kallinki(a)

Working group of Curriculum and Guidance 2016:
Jarna Väisänen, jarna.vaisanen(a)
Linda Holma, linda.holma(a)
Tommi Kukkonen, tommi.kukkonen(a)
Roni Sorsa, roni.sorsa(a)
Sami Jussinmäki, sami.jussinmäki(a)
Eemeli Rajala, eemeli.rajala(a)

More information:
Executive director
Hannu Järvistö
044 3211600

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