Grumble weeks start!

This years theme highlights accessibility and positive feedback

Student Union JAMKO’s feedback concept Grumble Weeks are held from 9 to 22 March, during which students can give feedback through an electronic questionnaire. Selected theme “Kuulutko?” (Do you belong? Are You heard?) challenges students to raise their voice for things that are meaningful to themselves, but also to reflect on their sense of community and their own experience of inclusion and accessibility within our university community. This is also taken into consideration in the questions.

Bringing up matters on education, teaching, student well-being that should be changed or maintained is the most effective way to develop student issues. Respondents are not identified in the survey, so feedback can be given anonymously.

Which staff member deserves praise?

During Grumble Weeks we will once again highlight staff members who deserve special thanks for their contributions to student affairs. The aim is to thank, highlight good practices and, above all, give positive feedback on good work. So suggest your own favorite person and pass on good deeds. The person with the most nominations will be rewarded after Grumble Weeks, and the thanks will also be passed on to those who received them.

Let’s talk about feedback

Study field specific Follow up events will be held on all campuses during April to discuss feedback received during Grumble Weeks. Updated schedules published on JAMKO’s website. As is customary, the feedback is compiled into sector-specific reports, which are submitted to the University of Applied Sciences administration. Summaries will be published on the JAMKO website.

Give feedback

The questionnaire is open 9 – 22 March at


More information on JAMKO’s website.

Niki Niemelä, Member of the Board, Educational policy, sopo (a)

Elisa Vikman, Member of the Board, Social policy, kopo (a)

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