Flexibility in studying on sickness allowance

The law amendment which came in to effect in the beginning of the year 2015 grants flexibility to the studies of a student on sick leave. Due to the amendment a student has a limited right to study even if the student is collecting sickness allowance from the social insurance institution Kela. The amount of study may not exceed 40% of what is normal for a term or academic year. Students must pay attention to the limit independently and inform Kela if they exceed it. Many students recuperating from a illness have the strength do study moderately, but the previous law prohibited it. If the illness is prolonged, the sickness allowance and general housing allowance is a worthy alternative instead of student financial aid. Cancelling the financial aid temporarily will ensure that students do not deplete the number of aid months available and do not have to make the required academic progress while ill. The possibility to study helps the recurating student keeping up with the studies and every day life and therefore decreases the dropout rate.

Further information on Kela’s web page.

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