SUP boarding tryout

Try the hit sport SUP-boarding! SUP-boarding is a sport originating in Hawaii as an offshoot of surfing. In SUP-boarding you paddle standing on a big surf board. SUP-boarding is an excellent exercise for the whole body, and it develops both muscle tone and balance. SUP-boarding is suitable for everyone and despite the possible presumptions it is easy to stay on the board! Now you have a chance to try this sport with a student friendly price! There is four trials and for every trial there fits 9 persons.

The dates and times

14.9. from 3pm to 5pm
14.9. from 5pm to 7pm
15.9. from 3pm to 5pm
15.9. from 5pm to 7pm

In the enrollment you have to choose one date and time.The price is 10 euros/person and it contains guidance, all the needed equipments and sauna after the SUP-boarding! The price is very affordable: in comparison the same kind of trial without the sauna can be 50 euros/person. You will have the directions how to pay to your email after the enrollment is completed.

The trial is for JAMKO’s members only, and you can participate only one time.


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