Sports Appro

Sports Appro is a sports event organized by Student Union JAMKO and Student Union JYY on 9th and 10th of October. Students can collect stickers to their diploma by attending different kinds of sport experiments around the city offered by our cooperation partners.

At Sports appro the student have an opportunity to join different kinds of sport experiments around the city on both Appro-days. We have nearly 20 cooperations partners so there will be plenty of options to choose from!

Sports Appro ends with a joint event held in sporthall U2 at Seminaarinmäki where the participants are trying to make unofficial record of how many sport experiments can they do altogether in one hour. There will be many diiferent kind of sports to try, and possibility to win prizes. In addition, the overall badges will be given to each student who has collected stickers according to the instructions.

The Sports Appro Diploma

Diploma costs only 5€ and they are sold at the offices of both Student Unions from Monday 19th of September. JAMKO sells the diplomas also at JAMKO Café and Member service points. 

The study requirements (required ‘credits’) for Sports Appro are the following for each degree:

Approbatur = 1-2
Cum Laude = 3-4
Laudatur = 5-6
Doctor = 7-

The program for Sports Appro

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