Sneaker Tuesday

JAMKO lowers the bar of going jogging lower than ever before with Sneaker Tuesdays. At 5 pm every Tuesday students have the opportunity to go jogging in the beautiful scenery of Jyväskylä. Joggers divide themselves in to groups according to the pace they wish to go. Whether you wish to exercise, get yourself moving or find friends while doing it, Sneaker Tuesdays are the place to do it. The jogs are hosted by JAMKO´s superb sport tutors. Follow the event calendar so you know the starting place each week. Free entry!

  • What? Casual jogging in your own pace.
  • Where? Starting place changes weekly, every other week from Dynamo’s Main entrance (evenly numbered weeks), every other from Rajakatu’s F-doors (unevenly numbered weeks)
  • When? Every Tuesday at 5 pm.

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Sport tutors welcome everybody to join!


Where? Dynamo
When? Tuesday

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