Overall Oath Party / Cancelled

Unfortunately The Overall Oath Party has been canceled from this Fall due to Covid-19 situation.  Follow our channels to hear about overall oath challenge that is going to replace the traditional party! 

The long-awaited overalls are arriving and should be celebrated. We celebrate student life, student uniform and years to come by having an Overall Oath party. In this party the new and why not older students as well swear the overall oath and promise to respect their own overalls as well as other students wearing overalls.

The Overall Oath party will be held on September 29 at Bra. From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. free entry with overalls. Ticket price without overalls and after 22 for JAMKO members 3€, for others 5€

The overalls will be ordered on orientation week (35) from Study field associations. More info about overalls and ordering them: https://www.jamko.fi/en/student-overalls/

Questions? vpj@jamko.fi


When? Tuesday

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