IceBra the legendary after party of Snowday is held this year in all white atmosphere. So dress up in 50 shades of snow and come to melt some hearts in Bra’s dancefloor. Or concentrate discussing of Snowday’s results at the bar, for Snowday’s winners will be rewarded around midnight!  Also IceBra’s own WhiteOut Cup– battle is held at early evening and remember to dress up as the theme because evenings IceKing and IceQueen will be selected during the event. So come on time to the party and remember, even though it’s cold outside, in Bra it will be hot!

Pre-tickets with JAMKO’s, JYY’s and HUMAKO’s student cards 3€, from the door 4€, others 6€. Pre-ticket sale starts February 1st at JAMKO’s office, JAMKO Café and Snowday-event. Pre-ticket sale comes also to different campuses – stay tuned!

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Where? Bra
When? Thursday

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