Freshmen party Tursajaiset 2017

The most next-level party of the year is now here! The Freshmen Party 2017 arrives to explode every single mushroom from Super Mario’s pipes as the new freshmen enter the reality of video games. Every Sim, Tetris block, or even Ash Ketchum will come to Rajakatu on 14.9. to defeat their peers across study fields, competing on checkpoints of different levels across Jyväskylä’s city center. So come and challenge yourself! Break your Limits in the 2017 Freshmen Party! LIFE IS A GAME!!

In the Freshmen Party, the new students are led around Jyväskylä by their tutor while completing different checkpoints. These checkpoints are hosted by our fantastic study field associations, Academic Sports of Jyväskylä KKL, and HUMAKO. The best teams are rewarded with spectacular prizes at BRA. More to come on the prizes. Every team has two students from every field of study, to a total of 10 people per group. After all the checkpoints have been completed, the groups move to Bra to enjoy the afterparty. Bra’s doors open at 8 pm for Freshmen Party attendees and at 10 pm for others.

Dressing up for the party is half of the fun and only your imagination is the limit. Everyone who buys an entry bracelet also receives a discount coupon for the Carnival store Aprilli, which is definitely worth making use of.

The price of the Freshmen Party bracelet is 10 €. Entry to the afterparty is free with the bracelet, for JAMKO members without the wristband 3€, and others 5€. Ticket sales begin on Monday 21st of August at the JAMKO office, JAMKO Café, membership stands, and

Also remember these things during the day

  1. No alcohol within school grounds!
  2. No glass bottles during the event
  3. In case of emergency call 112
  4. Don’t forget to eat

more info: kvtutor(a) and tutor(a)

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When? Thursday
Price? 10,00€

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