Freshmen party Tursajaiset 2018

The biggest and the wildest party of the year is here! The spotlights are turned towards the red carpet: the Freshmen party 2018 has arrived in the city. In the middle of the grey of everyday life, the stage will be full of the colorful characters and the stars of the movie world in the form of the Freshmen party. Shake off the greed of everyday, dress up as your favorite character and jump off the reality on Thursday September 13th and become absorbed in the world of movies. So, arrive to Rajakatu F-wing’s parking lot on 13.9. at 2 p.m. when the bracelet exchange and the preparation for the start begin. Start happens at 3 p.m., so be there well in advance!

In the Freshmen party,with the lead of our amazing tutors, the new students go around the city visiting the control points held by our whopping studyfield associations, Academic Sports and HUMAKO. The teams that performed the best will be rewarded in Bra2 with luxurious prizes, about which you will hear more later! There’s two students from each studyfield in every group, which means 10 people per group. When all the control points have been completed, it’s time to go to Bra2 to enjoy the afterparty. The doors of Bra2 will open at 8 p.m. for the Freshmen party folks, for others at 10 p.m.

Dressing up in the Freshmen party is half the fun and only your imagination is the limit. The ones buying the tickets (either a bracelet from any of the campuses or via online store) will get a discount from the products in the carnival shop Aprilli, which is definitely worth taking advantage of.


The price of the Freshmen party bracelet is 10€. With the bracelet the entrance to the afterparty is free, for the ones with no bracelet it’s either 3€ for JAMKO members and 5€ for others. The ticket sale at JAMKO Office, JAMKO Café, member service points and in


Like Uncle Ben said, with great power comes great responsibility, so still keep a couple of things in mind during the event.

  1. No alcohol at the school area!
  2. Leave all the objects looking like weapons at home (guns, swords, axes etc.)
  3. No glass bottles during the event
  4. In case of emergency, call 112
  5. Don’t forget to eat


Further information: tutor(at) and kvtutor(at)

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When? Thursday

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