Freshmen party Tursajaiset 2016

The biggest event of the new students JAMKO’s Tursajaiset – Freshmen Party will be here again. This year the party will be from another planet since the theme is SPACE. Come to the parking lot next to the F-wing of Rajakatu on the day of the event 15.9. at 14.30, awaken your inner Jedi knight and come with us to make the Freshmen Party unforgettable.

At Tursajaiset new students will compete against each other in teams mixed from all of the study fields. Tutors will guide teams around the city to do various tasks at checkpoints hosted by our fabulous study field associations, KOOLS and HUMAKO. In each team there will be 2 people from per a study field equaling 10 students in combined. After the checkpoint competition there will be a afterparty ar Bra2 where the best teams will be rewarded. Remember that good team spirit will not be ignored. The nightclub will open up at 20 to people with the Tursajaiset wristband and at 21 to other party people.

Getting dressed up according to the theme is half the fun of Freshmen Party so free your imagination. With the wristband you get a voucher to Costume shop Aprilli, which may come in handy.

Tursajaiset wristband costs 10€. The entrance to after party is free with the wristband, 4€ to members of JAMKO and 6€ to others. Wristbands are available at JAMKO office, member service points and JAMKO Café. You can also purchase an electronic ticket, which you must change to the wristband at the departure area at Rajakatu before the event.

Purchase an electronic ticket 

Also remember these things during the day

  1. No alcohol within school grounds!
  2. No glass bottles during the event
  3. In case of emergency call 112
  4. Don’t forget to eat

For further information contact or

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Where? centrum of Jyväskylä
When? Thursday

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