Finnish experience week 21.-27.9.

Come and join our amazing week that is full of events that will help you to discover Finnish culture, nature and cuisine! You can choose the most interesting activities to attend or just reserve a spot to everything if you like. All the tickets can be found at JAMKO’s KideApp-application 

At the events there are hand sanitizers available so please use them. Some of the events have also the possibility to wash your hands so please do so. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth unless you have just washed your hands. Cough and sneeze into a disposable tissue and place the tissue immediately in the trash. If you don’t have a tissue cough or sneeze on your sleeve. You can wear a facemask if you like. Always follow the instructions given you by the organizer. Please do not participate if you are sick, have any symptoms of the flu, have been abroad in the last two weeks or have been exposed to coronavirus in the last two weeks.

Scheduled events

22.9. at 4-7pm Baseball

Learn how to play Finnish baseball with professional players. Jyväskylän Lohi baseball teams players will guide you throughout the session. The event takes place in Koskenharju field which is near Rajakatu campus. Tickets are 6€ from

23.9. at 6-7pm Concert and 8-10pm Eat out Evening

The concert gives you a special opportunity to hear Finnish folk music performed by the orchestra of JAMK’s music students. The concert will happen in the Music campuses beautiful auditorium. After the music performance you have just enough time to walk in to the restaurant VENN which is located in the city center. We are having an event called Eat Out Evening where you can have student priced burgers and participate in some relaxed activity announced later. Tickets for the concert are 3€ from Eat Out evening is free. 

24.9. at 12:30-2:30pm Museum tours

On the museum tour we will have a guided tour that will give you insights of the culture and history of Jyväskylä. The tours are in the Art museum and in the Nature museum. With one ticket you get to visit both museums. Tickets for the tours are 4€ from

25.9. at 3-7pm Cooking course

What could be a better way to start your weekend than learning how to do traditional Finnish cuisine? During this cooking course you’ll be instructed to make your own meal and you’ll have professionals helping you. The course is organized by Central Finlands Martat, Finnish home economics organization. Tickets are 25€ from 

26.9. 11am-4pm Trip to Ladun maja

The last day of the week includes a hiking trip ending to a cottage with a sauna. The cottage is near a lake so you can go swimming as well. At the cottage will be some refreshments. Tickets are 5€ from 


We reserve the right to make changes in the events during the week. 




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