Burger&Party Night: Scary as h*ell

JAMKO Burger Nights offer a relaxed atmosphere to spend time with friends and munch on delicious burger meals in restaurant Revolution about once a month. At Burger Nights the price is always right and the meals are offered for a student price, 8€ including starter nachos and a dip. During the night there are other student discounts available at Revolution as well. In the first and the last burger night of the semester you can take part in an awesome quiz with a team of 1 to 4 people.

  • Sept 16th        Burger & Party night: Theme Scary as h*ell
  • Oct 21st          Burger night
  • Nov 18th         Burger night
  • Dec 16th         Burger & Party night: Theme Gender Bender

The first and the last Burger Night of the semester are Party Nights when the evening continues with a blast at club Freetime. In Freetime the winners of the quiz will be announced and there are also fun competitions & games. A significant part of the fun is the dressing up according to theme! At the first Burger&Party Night the theme is Scary as h*ll, and at the party well kick your childhood boogeyman’s butt! These parties are for all the international people, their friends, finns interested in internationalization and for everyone interested in a great party! Party in Freetime starts at 10pm. The cloak room is free from 8 p. m. till 10 p. m. so remember to use it before going to Revolution.

More information: ic(a)jamko.fi


Where? Revolution&Freetime
When? Wednesday
Price? Free

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