Mentoring in English under development – recruitment starts in April

Mentoring is peer support and help directed to the students continuing their studies, and is focused on the challenges of studying. Mentoring for English speaking students is currently under development and JAMKO preparing to train mentors for international students.

Mentors’ job is to help and support the students in need of advice, and if necessary, guide the students to JAMK’s other support services. Other tasks of the mentors include taking part in the working groups concerned with the student wellbeing, and also the study advisors’ pop-up meetings on the Rajakatu and Dynamo campuses. A student, who wants to deepen the knowledge of student instructing and has fulfilled his or her tutoring study module, can work as a mentor by offering peer support for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students. Introductions of the current mentors are published on the JAMKO website in Finnish.

Recruitment for new mentors begins on April 2018, both in English and Finnish.

Information about mentoring can be found on JAMKO’s website 

More information:
Emma Ahonen
Member of the board, multiform tutoring, mentoring

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