Don’t just shout! Give feedback during Grumble Weeks

Grumble weeks are here!

JAMKO’s feedback weeks, or more commonly known as Grumble weeks, are coming again! Grumble weeks starts on 13.2. and ends on 26.2. Grumble weeks are an important way to develop the common interests of students, education, JAMK and JAMKO.

The Grumble Weeks are part of JAMK’s quality management and the survey is carried out in close cooperation with JAMK. After the Grumble Weeks, the feedback is discussed during the Grumble Weeks follow up days together with students and staff.

2023 is the year of influence. This year, the theme of the Grumble weeks is ‘Look how I shout!’. The theme encourages students to use their voice to make a difference in matters that affect them.

So how do students make their voices heard during Grumble Weeks? A link to the online survey will be distributed via JAMKO social media, Elmo Intra, JAMKO members’ emails and, where possible, student emails distributed by JAMK lecturers.

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Read more about Grumble Weeks on JAMKO’s website

You can also contact:
JAMKO Social Policy Responsible Noora Hakonen, sopo (a)
JAMKO Education Policy Responsible Jesse Kykyri, kopo (a)

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