Disbanding of Study Grants Board in Universities of Applied Sciences

A UAS specific Study Grants Board, that consists of staff and student representatives of JAMK, has followed the study progress, the evaluation of prolonging the time that one is eligible for student financial aid, handled the repayments of student financial aid and defined the the adequate extent of summer studies and made the necessary reports to Kela after hearing the student. Starting from January 1st all matters will be settled and handled at Kela, without comments of the Board. The UAS’ are required to give general advice to students and relaying the possible applications to Kela and passing information that is necessary in handling the applications of student financial aid. The institution informs Kela about the interruption or discontinuing of studies, when there is no preconditions of receiving student financial aid. Institution grants the meal subsidy card for those who are not eligible for a student card.

The UAS’ must still provide sufficient and competent advice without additional fees for the students. There will also be a liaison at the UAS who handles the co-operation with Kela. In general Kela receives the required information from the national registers, but Kela will still need information from the UAS how the student has organized his or her studies that affect student financial aid. For example student will deliver information regarding the follow up of study progress of the previous year directly to Kela starting from 2018, and Kela will contact the student. The last Study Grants Board meeting at JAMK UAS is on December 15th. Student must proceed the matter by November 20th at the latest if he or she wants that the matter is handled at the Board. After that the matter will be handled at Kela starting from January 1st 2018.

It is not completely clear how JAMK will arrange the required guidance services and how it will affect the handling of students’ matters. JAMKO co-operates with JAMK UAS, so that the students point of view will be taken into consideration and will inform the student from the matter and the changes closer to the point.

More information:
Mari Pynssi
Member of the Board, social policy

Anna Tarvainen-Illi
Advisor, communication and trusteeship

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