Dare to Care – JAMKO supporting student’s mental health

Issues in mental health is a increasing problem amongst students and is visible in Student Union’s work. This Autumn Student Union pays special attention to students mental well-being, loneliness and mental exhaustion.

Student Union JAMKO’s work with student trusteeship and well-being  reaches majority and JAMKO celebrates it with actives, students, alumni and partners. Student Union directs all gift funds to The Finnish Association of Mental Health and has established a fundraising Mielipotti and the goal is to achieve at least 800€ for the cause. The fundraising is open until Oct 18th.  

“The work for healthy and well-being youth must be started early. The Finnish Association of Mental Health does great work through all age phases e.g. crisis work, preventive courses, communication and projects,” says Mikael Rauhansalo, JAMKO’s Chairperson of the Board.

Also the last edition of Finnish Student Health Survey (2016) highlights the deterioration of students well-being on several sections. For example Over 20 % feel negatively about their spirit, planning future and one’s own resources and abilities.

JAMK UAS has good support services for the challenges in student life, but student’s seem to keep to themselves with their problems. JAMKO’s and JAMK’s well-being team HyPe’s campaign Pidetään huolta – Dare to Care highlights the responsibility of the whole academic community and encourages students and staff to pay attention each others well- being in everyday life and anticipate the actions that can prevent more serious problems. The campaign presents four main themes that gather the concerns of the Health survey and offers actions and small gestures that may act as a key to resolving someone’s situation. The basis of the actions is low threshold to reacting and talking about worries and difficult matters. The campaign will be present the whole academic year on social media, campuses and also in Student’s well-being week’s events.

More information:

The fundraiser
Mikael Rauhansalo
Chairperson of the Board
044 321 1500

Dare to Care- campaign
Ville Laitinen
Member of the Board, well-being
045 3194907

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