Cross-study opportunities in Jyväskylä 

The possibility to study in a flexible way across university boundaries is based on different models of cooperation between educational institutions. Students from the partner institutions can enroll and study from a common course tray for the courses offered by another institution. For example, free elective language courses or professional courses or modules in different fields. In closer cooperation models, outsourced studies are included in the student’s own curriculum.

EduFutura Jyväskylä wants to use experts across educational boundaries. In addition to experts moving flexibly between organizations, it is joint studies that aim to make greater use of the expertise. Some of the joint studies are directly integrated with the students’ degrees, but some of them are open to all, including those of the Yritystehdas. Yritystehdas and especially the incubator studies offers a graduate business incubator trail to students of JAMK, University of Jyväskylä and Gradia. The aim is not to duplicate studies at educational institutions and to cross-use content within the same field. In summer 2017, open-to-summer studies were piloted with about 50 different courses and with around 500 opening study spots, which remained as a permanent practice to this day. Training organizations are also developing work to support postgraduate students in the area and the transition to later employment.

CampusOnline is a joint digital study service portal of Finnish universities of applied sciences, which brings together over 20 universities online courses. The courses are free of charge for undergraduate and postgraduate students attending university. Exchange students can also study for free. More detailed practices can be found in each course description separately. The enrollment for CampusOnline summer courses starts on March 16th.

JAMK‘s Elmo Intranet contains instructions on cross-study and links to courses offered by other educational institutions.

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Niki Niemelä
Member of the Board, educational policy

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