Creepy Café opens at Main Campus!

JAMKO Café turns gut-wrenchingly creepy when Halloween is celebrated from 30 October to 3 November. The thrilling theme will be on display throughout the week in the café’s products, decorations and programme! Games to match the theme will be available on the Playstation, café staff have lost a finger while cooking and spiders have nested in the cakes. Dare to taste?

On Wednesday 1.11. from 15.00 to 18.00, JAMKO Café is hosting a Halloween party, where of course dressing up is half the fun! The best or scariest costume will be awarded! You can also take part in a horror kahoot, carve pumpkins, have a scary face painting and capture a memory of yourself and your friends with a polaroid. There’s also a selection of props to help you tune your image into the afterlife. Something strange has also happened at JAMKO Cafe, and Detective Olivia needs your help to solve the murder. Come with your friends to solve the mysterious murder mystery!

The event is intoxicant-free and has no entry fee.

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