Council elections 2023 – Students, let’s join forces!

Who will decide on student matters in JAMKO next year?

Students exercise the greatest decision-making power in the student union. The representative council elected from Jamk UAS students decides e.g. about the amount of the student union membership fee and JAMKO’s biggest lines, how we take care of students’ affairs at Jamk. Working as a representative is based on your experience as a student, so you know for sure what works and what doesn’t in your studies, and where JAMKO should direct its resources. This year, the theme of the elections is “United Students of Jamk”, with which we encourage students to affect matters that concern all of us as a community.

The elections start with the candidacy filing period on Aug 31st. JAMKO’s members can fill the candidacy filing form until Sept 21st 3 p.m. All Jamk students who joined JAMKO for the academic year 2023 – 2024 can apply. You can join an electoral alliance, i.e. usually a group formed by a study field association or a political student organization. The alliance’s votes will improve your chances of getting through. The election officials of the formed election alliances assist in election matters if necessary. You can also run for office as an independent candidate. You can run for office using an electronic form on JAMKO’s website, and there you will also find the contact information of the election officials and the formed electoral alliances, if they have notified them to JAMKO. The form and the contact information of the electoral alliances can be found on JAMKO’s election website during the nomination period. The website also contains information and electronic forms for forming an electoral alliance. Direct link to the forms here

Voting starts on October 30th and the results of the elections will be published on election night at Nov 8th.

More information on election procedures and schedules is updated on JAMKO’s election website


You can also send a message to the central election committee: keskusvaalilautakunta(a)

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