Changes to Frank student service, digital student card and pricing

Student union JAMKO has been offering to its members Frank digital student services or so called digital student card as an additional service,  along with JAMKOs own, physical student card. Partner Frank has done some changes to its services during the summer and the digital student card has become chargeable, unless one agrees to take the mobile services of Frank partner Danske Bank.

JAMKOs and Frank’s cooperation does not include physical Frank student payment cards but JAMKO has its own membership / UAS-student card that is made for every member when they become members.

Frank has published a new version of digital student services, that replaces the earlier digital Frank app as well the web benefit service. New service works from the cellphone in and in the future same login will work in both. Frank digital student services and digital student card are still available for JAMKO members, but may be chargeable.  

In the following some notions for new students and current members

New students

In order to get digital Frank student card, one must first join as JAMKO member, order JAMKO membership card and pay the JAMKO membership. JAMKO’s new members who have paid for membership can activate the Frank service when their payment details are transferred in the system (Note – this requires currently Finnish Identity number). Practically this means that the service can be activated in a week, after a student has joined JAMKO and paid the JAMKO membership via bank transfer. If you do not have Finnish bank it is recommended to pay the membership at the JAMKO office. The delay is due to the verifying of payment information that is needed before a student is visible in JAMKO’s member register.

With physical student card one gets all the local and national student benefits excluded Frank web service web shops. Pay attention, that digital student card is no longer gratuitous.

JAMKO’s current members

Due to changes in Frank app, JAMKO members must make new login in order to use the service in the future. Frank has sent information to those using Frank app, please use these instructions. Due changes by Frank, the digital student card stops to work in the beginning of August. The app is possible to obtain again after renewing JAMKO membership and the student membership for the new academic term is visible in JAMKO system and student updates the app. Student has to create whole new profile and log in to it on New app is chargeable unless you agree to take Danske Bank services.

JAMKO is not responsible for services provided by Frank. We apologize the inconvenience caused by the changes in our cooperation partners actions. JAMKO is currently researching other possibilities to provide its members with digital student id.

More info about Franks frequently used questions:

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