Candidates for the JAMKO election confirmed

The Central Electoral Committee has confirmed the list of candidates for the elections to the Council Elections. After verification of eligibility, 52 people and 7 electoral associations, two of which have formed an electoral group, are standing for election between 30 October and 8 November.

See the confirmed candidate list

The candidates for the council elections will be presented on the election website, on social media and on the voting aid app, which will be published in week 43. Candidates can also present themselves at election panels organised by JAMKO on 31 October at Rajakatu and 6 November at Dynamo.

21 full members will be elected for the 2024 JAMKO Representatives Council by ballot between 30 October and 8 November. Voting will take place via an electronic web link, which will be sent to each JAMKO member by email. You can vote in the elections if you have joined JAMKO for the current academic year by 24 October.

Election results will be published on the evening of the last day of the election on 8 November.
Read more on the JAMKO election website 

For more information, contact the Central Election Committee, keskusvaalilautakunta(a)

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