JAMKO’s board for 2021 has been chosen

The student union JAMKO’s board for the year 2021 has been chosen in the Representative Council’s organizing meeting on November 16th, 2020. In addition to the chairpersons, the board for 2021 will consist of 9 people.

The Representatives Council chose 3rd-year student Niklas Sillander as the chairperson of the Representatives Council for 2021. Sillander studies information and communication technology and has previously worked as a tutoring responsible and the harassment contact person at his study field student association JIO.

The vice chairperson of the Representatives Council for 2021 will be Teemu Heikkilä, who is an information technology student and has worked as an event responsible in JAMKO’s board in 2020.

The Representatives Council chose Stella Palassalo to become the chairperson of the JAMKO board for 2021. Palassalo is a student of music pedagogy and has worked as JAMKO’s peer tutoring responsible in 2020.

1st-year business student Janita Hietala was chosen as the vice chairperson of the JAMKO board. In 2020, Hietala has been an event responsible in the JAMKO board.

The following people were chosen to the board of JAMKO for 2021:

Jere Hekkurainen, business
Antti Härkönen, business
Tekla Kervola, sociology
Miia Siemssen, health care
Antony Smal, information technology
Moona Taavitsainen, information and communication technology
Anna Zhuravleva, international business
Siiri Ihalainen, business
Mea Tuominen, business

The lineup of the representatives council that was elected in the election of November 4th changes slightly as a result of the forming of the board and the selection of the chairpersons. Stella Palassalo, who was chosen as the chairperson of the board, will be replaced in the representatives council by vice member Jani Tervo. The new vice chairperson of the board will be replaced in the representatives council by vice member Ida Koukka. In addition, three members of the representatives council elected on November 4th were chosen for the JAMKO Board: Jere Hekkurainen, Siiri Ihalainen and Antti Härkönen. They will be replaced by vice members Sini Karvonen, Eemeli Saukkola and Vadim Shestunov.

The student representatives to JAMK’s working groups and the board of JAMK Oy will be selected in the representative council’s meeting on December 2nd. The application period for the working groups is still open here. The term of the new board and working groups begins in January 2021.

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