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JAMKO seeks student representatives for JAMK’s working groups to ensure that the student voice is not overlooked. One of the responsibilities of the student union JAMKO is to select student representatives to the university’s working groups and bodies. The representatives council selects the student representatives on November 28th 2022 at 5pm.

Following groups and amount of positions are open:

  • JAMK LTD Board student representative 1
  • Central Finland Student Housing Foundation KOAS board member 1
  • Board of examiners 1+1
  • Development groups:
    • Research, Development and Innovation – working group 1+ 1
    • Education development group 1+1
    • Quality assurance working group 1+1
    • Services development group 1+1
    • International group 1+1
    • Sustainable development 1+1
  • Ethical committee 1+1
  • Board of study issues 2
  • Cafeteria group 6
  • University sports working group 1
  • Indoor air monitoring working group 1+1
  • EduFutura:
    • Leading group 1
    • EduFutura steering group – flexible, high-quality and individual study paths 1
    • EduFutura steering group – Competitiveness and vitality with future know-how and working life services 1
  • E³UDRES² alliance student representative 1

More information on the student representatives’ roles.

The decisions are made in the remote meeting of JAMKO’s representative council on November 28th at Main Campus, in Auditorium Valjakka starting at 5 pm. 

Before that, applicants can submit the application form. In the meeting, candidates will also introduce themselves briefly. 

In the event that multiple people are interested in the same task, the persons will be interviewed and the Representative council will vote to select the representative.Instructions for the remote participation can be found at the end of the following page: 


More information:

Chairperson of the Representatives Council 2023 Nilla Selänniemi, nilla.selanniemi(a)

Executive director Miina Pirnes, toiminnanjohtaja(a)

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