Academic Sports’ classes start at JAMK on Mon March 7th

The wait is over and Academic Sports’ group fitness classes will start at JAMK on Monday March 7th 2022. More good news – Academic Sports also now offers swimming shifts at AaltoAlvari with the sports sticker!

With the sports sticker you can join a wide variety of group fitness classes, ball games shifts, pump it at the gyms of Rentukka or Monitoimitalo, take a swim at AaltoAlvari or workout at home with our online services! All our services are available to you with Academic Sports’ sports sticker.

See the program and book your place for the classes and shifts


The group fitness classes at JAMK (Rajakatu):

at 16.00 Contemporary Dance 55 min.
at 17.00 EASY Cardio 55 min.

at 16.00 Bodybalance 55 min.
at 17.00 HIIT 25 min.
at 17.30 Abs 25 min.
at 18.00 Pump 55 min.

at 18.00 Fitness Boxing 55 min.
at 19.00 Deep Stretching / Hatha Yoga 55 min.

Swimming and gym shifts at AaltoAlvari:
Wednesday: swimming + gym, enter between 15.00-17.00
Friday: swimming, enter between 6.00-10.00
Saturday: swimming + gym, enter between 10.00-12.00

If you haven’t purchased the Academic Sports’ sports sticker yet you can now buy the sticker for only 40 € for the spring and summer season (normally 45 €).

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Contact service coordinator Kirsi Hartikainen for more info:, p. 050 468 0248

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