Exercise for the rest of the year with a spring semester sports sticker

A spring semester sport sticker is available starting from Monday 23rd of November. With a sports sticker you can participate in group fitness classes and ball game sessions. The sticker costs 40 euros and it is valid until 31.8.2016. The sticker is valid from the day you buy it so you can participate in group fitness and ball games for the rest of the year 2015. Autumn semester ball games end at 11.12. and group fitness at 4.12. During the week 7.-11.12. we arrange Christmas classes in which you can participate with a sports sticker. The schedule of the Christmas classes is published later.

Buy your sports sticker here: https://www.korkeakoululiikunta.fi/fi/liikuntatarramaksu/ After you have bought the sticker via internet, you can collect the actual sticker from JAMKO’s office.

More information: www.academicsports.fi

Sports coordinator Henna Törmänen, tel. +358 40 805 4748, e-mail korkeakoululiikunta@jyu.fi

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