Renovation of the B-wing of the Main Campus starts

The B-wing of the Rajakatu Main Campus will undergo a renovation in two phases as the University of Applied Sciences JAMK has notified in the Intranet Elmo. The first phase starts now in the spring or early summer. The renovation will be finished by the end of the year 2016. The education will be organized on the Main Campus using the available rooms as much as possible so that the studies get affected as little as possible. The Student Union JAMKO has contacted the administration of JAMK and discussed the themes mentioned in Elmo. For instance the longer study days that could last till 8 pm. The curriculum and room reservations for the next academic year have become a little more accurate since then. At the moment it seems that this kind of long days are not necessary and even the longest days would end already 5 or 6 pm. JAMKO is following the progress of renovation.

More information:
Hannu Järvistö
Executive Director of JAMKO

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