Digital student card

JAMKO’s members have the opportunity to activate a digital student card on Pivo. The digital student card gives you all of JAMKO’s student benefits and discounts, as well as Kela’s meal subsidy and the student discounts at VR and Matkahuolto. By using Pivo you can also enjoy the various student benefits of Slice, and also use the mobile payment system of Pivo.

You can activate JAMKO’s student card on Pivo’s mobile app (Android / IOS) when your JAMKO membership is valid and you are currently a present student at JAMK.

Note: You need both a Finnish social security number and Finnish bank ID in order to activate the digital student card. If you do not have these, you can still access all the student benefits with a physical student card.

Here’s how to activate the digital student card:

  1. Download Pivo and activate it with your phone number, online banking information or your debit card.
  2. Choose “Student card” in the app, and choose JAMKO as your student union
  3. Create your card by following Pivo’s instructions.

Read more about Pivo here.

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