JAMKO’s actives dealt the responsibility areas for 2024

Student Union JAMKO’s board 2024 has divided its responsibilities for the upcoming period. The Board is responsible for the statutory tasks of the Student Union, lobbying and organising services together with the JAMKO staff. The Council uses the student voice and makes the biggest decisions about the Student Union democratically.

At its meeting on Nov 12th, the Representatives Council elected student representatives to the institutions and working groups of Jamk and EduFutura for the period 2024. Vice members in brackets.

Board of Jamk Ldt: Annu Suvilehto
Board of Examiners: Maria Matilainen (Peetu Luiro)
Jamk’s Management Team: Annu Suvilehto
Board of Study Issues: Maria Matilainen, Salla Hyvätti
Thesis Forum: Sanni Karjalainen

Restaurant Committee: Silja Saarenmaa, Yaneth Gunawardena, Tyron John, Sidra Shaikh, Tuija Paajanen, Ragnar Törnblom

Education team: Maria Matilainen (Peetu Luiro)
Quality team: Maria Matilainen (Otso Miettunen)
RDI – board: Joel Kotonen
Strategic International Development Team: Andrea Guermas (Michiel van Eynde)
Curriculum 2024, language and communication: Erika Laitinen
Digitalisation steering group: Eetu Rautanen (Sanni Karjalainen)
Sustainable development team: Tuija Paajanen (Tyron John)

Ethical committee: Salla Hyvätti (Jenna Kianto)
Indoor Air Quality Committee: Mervi Åkerlund (Ismo Puhakka)
Collaboration Group of Academic Sports: Essi Pirttivaara

EduFutura Management Team: Annu Suvilehto
EF: Flexible, high-quality and personalised learning paths: Essi Pirttivaara
EF: Competitiveness and vitality through the skills and worklife services of the future: Tyron John

In addition, on 27 November, Charles Silvennoinen was elected as a student representative on the board of the Central Finland Student Housing Foundation KOAS.

More info:

Chairperson of the Board, Sini Kunnila, sini.kunnila@jamko.fi
Toiminnanjohtaja Miina Pirnes, +358 44 3211 600, toiminnanjohtaja(a)jamko.fi

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