Grumble Weeks’ feedback is addressed remotely

Grumble Weeks’ follow – up events are organized during March 31st and April 2nd. The events are study field specific discussion platforms where the feedback from Grumble Weeks is addressed with JAMK’s students and staff. The events are hosted by JAMKO’s board and the event highlights the most frequent themes from the survey and also the good feedback form students to staff. The events are organized remotely in Zoom and can be joined by a nickname. Authentication is not required. The discussion are mainly held in Finnish but can be partly translated in English if needed. You can ask questions in English also. Event is open to everyone and you can participate in the discussion or just listen to the hot topics of your field. 

Every Follow up event is organized during 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. 

 The Follow Up events according to study fields

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Niki Niemelä
Member of the Board, Educational policy

Elisa Vikman
Member of the Board, Social policy

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