Well-being week: Student’s sauna shift

Come and wash away your everyday worries at the Well-being Week Sauna Shift in Lutakon Huippu starting from 5 pm! There are two sauna shifts that last 2 hours. Ensure yourself the place in the sauna shift throughout KideApp. In addition, there are nice, relaxed things to do on top of the sauna. JAMKO offers snacks and soda, you can also bring your own snacks. The event is alcohol-free.

  • 1. shift 6 pm – 8 pm
  • 2. shift 8 pm – 10 pm

The shifts are open for everyone, so bring your own bathing suit and sauna accessories. The sauna facilities are in the Innova 1 building, address Piippukatu 11. 15th floor.
Sauna fee for JAMKO’s members is 2€, for the others 7€.

Buy your ticket from KideApp

More information nilla.selanniemi(a)jamko.fi


Where? Piippukatu 11
When? Thursday

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