Tursajaiset – Freshmen party

Welcome to the circus!

JAMKO’s Freshmen party is taking the city again! This year theme is CIRCUS, so tame your lion, sharpen your juggle skills to the top and arrive to Rajakatu F-wing’s parking lot on 17.9. at 14:30. Start happens 15:00 onwards.

Freshmen party is the event for new students where study field associations, Kools and HUMAKO have arranged active spots to overcome around Jyväskylä. The group which manages the best will be awarded at BRA in the after party. Each group has 10 students from 5 different study fields and tutors to guide you. When the spots are accomplished, “Grannies Smoking Pipes” tune the parties on at the BRA.

Remember these during the day
1. No alcohol within school grounds!
2. No glass bottles during the event
3. In case of emergency call 112
4. Don’t forget to eat

Remember to dress according to the theme, because it is half of the fun and the best outfit will be rewarded!

Tickets sold at JAMKO’s office, member service points and JAMKO Café. BRA’s doors are open for Freshmen party people from 20:00 onwards for free with the freshmen wristband. For others from 21:00 onwards, with the price of 6€ or 4€ with JAMKO membership.

Supporting the event: Bra | WayOut Jyväskylä | Bar & Cafe Social House | Hesburger | Karnevaalikauppa Aprilli

More info: tutor(a)jamko.fi


Where? City Centre
When? Thursday
Price? 10€

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