Tuesday Jog

Have you decided to start running or walking but haven´t put it into practice? Is it boring to go jogging alone? Have you just moved in Jyväskylä and you don’t know the routes?

Join us for a Tuesday Jog! JAMKO’s Tuesday Jogs offer a fun and easy way to meet new people while enjoying the outdoors. The pace will be kept suitable to all, and the group can be divided if needed. One time could be reserved for practicing the techniques. The leaders of the jog will be JAMKO’s sports tutors, so if something is troubling you, don’t be afraid to speak up.

Tuesday Jog starts at Rajakatu (let’s meet at JAMKO Café) at 6pm. Rest is planned in the beginning of the jog.

More information: liikunta(a)jamko.fi or the event on Facebook


Where? Start at Rajakatu
When? Tuesday
Price? Free

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