Tuesday Club

Why can’t every day be Tuesday? Tuesday Club is a fun, easy-going event that is easy to attend. It is arranged approximately once in each month and it’s all about hanging out while doing something fun. The themes and activities change every time and you are able to try some new things and have great experiences on the way. You are welcome to Tuesday Club whether you’re with friends or alone, you’ll get to know new people in no time. Tuesday clubs are always intoxicant free.

First Tuesdayclub of the year starting in fresh winter weather at sled hill, come with us to have fun at the hill but remember to but warm clothes so you wont get chill. We gather at JAMKO Café and start our trip at 17.00.
You can borrow sled or glider from JAMKO, bur if you have your own, bring it along.

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More info: vapaa-aika(a)jamko.fi or ic(a)jamko.fi


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