Try Out: Magnetic fishing

Get to know different, even suprising fields of sport or other freetime activities at JAMKO’s Try Out – event!

Magnet fishing is about searching metal objects from underwater by using super magnets. Come and experience thrill of treasure hunt, joy of finding it and an act of a local environment protection at Ylistönsilta 27th of September 4 – 6 PM. All necessary equipment are provided. Magnet fishing is brought to you by local metal detecting club Ironic Professionals ry. Only thing that you need to bring is weather-proof clothing.

The event is organized in two (2) one hour long sequences 4-5 PM and 5-6 PM. Book your ticket to one sequence in For JAMKO members tickets are free of charge, to non-JAMKO tickets are 5 €. Tickets become available close in event.

More information at tapahtumat(a) or vpj(a)


Where? Ylistönsilta
When? Tuesday
Price? 0€/5€

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