Trusteeship team

Trusteeship team is an open event for all students interested about current topics which consider students, whether you are an active study field association member or you just want to raise your voice for better education and students’ well-being at JAMK. Bring the currents from your own study field, and the team will help you to solve the matters. You don’t have to be an active to participate, just an interest in students matters is enough. We focus on hot topics on education and student life.

The team is organized mainly in Finnish, but can be partly translated if necessary. Event is held three times during the autumn and organized by JAMKO’s trusteeship sector.

Next team: April 3rd Dynamo Campus, room D505


For further information:

Check JAMKO’s website:

or contact

Amanda Nygård, Member of the Board, Social Policy, sopo(a)

Mirva Jokilehto, Member of the Board, Educational Policy, kopo(a)


When? Tuesday

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