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JAMKO’S TEST NEW SPORTS EVENT 15.-21.2. – Pre-registration must be made on 7.2. at the latest

The Test New Sports is new event, where JAMKO members get to move and get acquainted with new forms of exercise. The first Test New Sports event will be held in February and carried out remotely together with the Academic Sports of Jyväskylä.

In the Test New Sports, JAMKO members have the opportunity to participate in the uMove live-stream classes organized by the Academic Sports of Jyväskylä for free between 15.-21. of February. During that week, Academic Sports of Jyväskylä offers for example flow yoga, barre, weight training and much more! You can see more detailed information and schedules through the calendar of the Academic Sports of Jyväskylä reservation system: https://oma.enkora.fi/umovejkl/reservations2/index. UMove live stream classes are organized on Facebook, which means that you must have a Facebook account to participate in the classes.

You can participate in Test New Sports event by pre-registering at KideApp. Pre-registration starts on 1.2. at 12.00 and ends on 7.2. at 18.00.

Instructions for registration and participation in Test New Sports:

  1. Go to KideApp and pre-register for the lessons for that week by redeeming a ticket (0 €) for the Test New Sports event: https://kide.app/events/5cf346b4-df98-478f-9aff-1d00b4a92d9d (NOTE! You do not have to indicate which lessons you plan to attend).
  2. After purchasing the ticket, go to Facebook and ask to join the uMove Live group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2681907688724713 (NOTE! Check that your Facebook name is the same as the name you provided in the KideApp pre-registration).
  3. By 15.2. the Academic Sports of Jyväskylä will accept you as a member of the group, allowing you to attend any uMove live stream classes you choose.

More info: yhteistyo@jamko.fi


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