Spring meeting of JAMKO representatives

JAMKO’ the council of the representatives’ spring meeting is on Tuesday 18th April. Meeting is hold in the Council Hall of Jyväskylä City Hall. You have a possibility to come present or via Zoom. JAMKO’s members are welcome to follow the meeting and to see a little part of council’s activity.

Issues to be discussed at the meeting are the approval of JAMKO’s political guide line paper, which has been processed and prepared during the spring, JAMKO’s financial statements and activity report from the year 2022, and the financial statements of Jyväskylä students’ services Oy, JOPO, from the year 2022.

There will be something little to eat in the meeting.

The meeting will be held in Finnish.

Here you can check the agenda  (in Finnish)
Here you can join to the meeting via Zoom


When? Tuesday

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