Snowday 2018

Snowday is sporty winter event to all higher education students in Jyväskylä. There is all kinds of chances to exercise and enjoy winter with friends and other students.  Event is held at the Tuomiojärvi beach, near Rajakatu. During the day there is lots of activities, like snow tournaments in football, volleyball and floorball. Tournaments take 8 teams/tournament and there is 4 – 8 players in each team. Registration opens 1.2 and it closes 12.2




There is also local companies having their own activities.  New thing what we have is ice swimming, so prepare with your own swimming gear. There is also going to be DJ making some noise. If weather is really cold, it might affect the event. Rest of the program will be revealed later. Event is free of charge and alcohol free.

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Where? Tuomiojärvi
When? Thursday

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