Sitzfest Marathon

Are you perhaps in a playful mood and want to release your inner Molla-Maija at kid’s party? Would you like to sharpen your skills in rallying English in the style of Kimi Räikkönen or lasso all your friends together and go completely worryfree in the wild west? This May, you can do either one or, in professional style, three sitsfestes in a row! The evening culminates to the after party at London, which opens its doors to the party people as early as 8 p.m.

During May Day week, JAMKO, together with the student field assosiations, organizes May Day’s biggest sitsfest spectacle, when the sitsfest marathon takes over the Aalto hall on Thursday, April 27. from 12:00 p.m. Sits once or three times, the choice is yours!

  • 12-15 Kid’s party
  • 16-19 Rally English (note event in English)
  • 20-23 Wild West

The event is open to all students, and tickets are generally on sale in JAMKO’s on Tuesday, April 11. onwards starting at 14.00. Each sitsfest gives you a unique overall patch, so collect the entire May Day series by participating in all three! Grab your own ticket and come and start the May Day weekend in style!

The sitsfest ticket includes access to the sitsfest mentioned on the ticket, an overall patch, a songbook and access to the after party at London.

More information about the event on the even’s site and via email miia.korhonen(at)

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Where? Aaltosali
When? Thursday

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